Premier League clubs prepare to vote on shutdown of “VAR” next season.

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Premier League clubs prepare to vote on shutdown of “VAR” next season.

VAR was introduced in 2019 for the purpose of helping referees to make their decisions more accurate.

Premier League clubs are preparing to hold a meeting to vote on whether the use of VAR will continue or not next season.

The advent of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has changed the world of football in recent years. There are many decisions made through slow motion decision making. or decisions that are recommended through the referees in the VAR room, and many of those decisions affect the shape of the game, sending offs and even goals.

However, in the 2023-2024 season, the Premier League and VAR have continually criticized for inaccurate decisions.

or object to the eyes of football fans in the era. Of online society and many video clips ready poste so that people can see every decision. Especially when there สมัคร ufabet is a mistake in judgment or doubt in judgment. That carries over to the Premier League clubs’ annual meetings, including at the end of this season. It has been stated by the media. That there will be a vote by Premier League clubs. Whether it will continue to use or not.

Wolverhampton It is one of the clubs. That have made it clear that they want it to be scrapped. And there is a call for such a vote. There will be a vote on June 6, 2024. The voting results will use a voting system with a two-thirds vote (requires at least 14 agreeing votes from a total of 20 votes) to gain the absolute right to The decision will be unanimous or not.