No drama Jurgen Klopp said Fabinho just sick.

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Jurgen Klopp the manager of the Liverpool team gave the cyclist netizens an answer. About the disappearance of midfielder Fabinho under the name of the Wolves 0-3 defeat yesterday. Just a sick player. As for the broken-hearted team, you have to fix it at the training ground.

Negative social media outlets allege that Klopp was at odds with Fabinho for pushing youngster Stefan Bycetic across the face of the Brazilian national team. To the point that the 55-karat boss ordered to drop the problem. 

However, Jurgen Klopp clarified the story that netizens thought was sloppy. 

“He’s just sick,” Klopp said of Fabinho’s recovery from his nickname. 

“About playing the team’s lack of confidence, they have to go back and do their homework. Not at the press conference after the game. 

“Doing that doesn’t help at all. You know my framework, I know my job. There is no need to explain to the public from now on how to energize the team.” 

“We’ll decide on that matter based on what you guys gave me, that’s acceptable.” 

“But will come to lure me to burn my own subordinates today. UFABET There is not enough time to describe what I have done.” 

“Of course confidence is something that has to be regained.” 

Liverpool have another week to wait for the Merseyside derby against Everton ( Feb 13 ) , which is tumultuous because of a change of coach .