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Step-by-step procedure for washing your hair correctly

As emphasized in every topic If you follow the correct way to wash your hair, it will help keep your hair and scalp healthy. Reduce the chance of hair and scalp problems. In this topic, we will delve into the correct steps for washing your hair in detail. In

6 correct ways to wash your hair

Believe it or not, many people often have problems related to their hair such as hair loss, oily hair , dandruff, smelly scalp , and fungus on the scalp . In addition to being caused by various factors for each symptom, One of those factors usually comes from washing your hair incorrectly

How to cure acne completely Simple trick 

“Acne” is a problem that bothers many people. This is caused by blockage of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. If infected with bacteria, it can become inflamed acnes. This article will introduce ways to cure acne , say goodbye to acnes and welcome a clear face. in a simple way that

What causes acne? How to treat acne problems?

“Acne” is considered a chronic annoying problem. And may have long-term effects on the skin, such as acne scars and acne scars In addition, in some cases, severe acne problems can affect the mind. It can cause a lack of confidence. Acne lesions come in many forms, including comedones,

Simple yoga poses to help relieve constipation

matter of excretion will be seen as a small matter probably not Because many people suffer from this problem until they feel unbearably uncomfortable in their stomachs. have to go see a doctor or food that helps us take photos quickly But we have an easy way. And do not have to

Herbs to nourish the blood, relieve the disease “Anemia”

Anemia (anemia) is a disease that is very common in women. And there is a chance of symptoms such as fatigue. Muscle weakness, headaches, pale skin, and memory loss. People should therefore take seriously anemia and its symptoms. and to cope with symptoms herbs of anemia What is anemia?

Principles of the diet “Less Carb VS High Protein”

Nowadays, people prefer to lose weight in Low Carb way by choosing to practice by themselves. Really, what is Low Carb? Can it really be done by yourself? Are there advantages or disadvantages to losing weight this way?  carbohydrate foods It is a nutrient that affects the

“Sun Allergy” with 9 symptoms that should be noticed before

Sunlight comes with UV light that can cause skin damage, wrinkles and dullness. But many people may not know yet. That is, sunlight can cause skin disease that is allergic to sunlight. What is sun allergy? Dr. Inapak Boonthaweeyuwat, Department of Dermatology and Solar Dermatology (Dermatology), Department