Step-by-step procedure for washing your hair correctly

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As emphasized in every topic If you follow the correct way to wash your hair, it will help keep your hair and scalp healthy. Reduce the chance of hair and scalp problems. In this topic, we will delve into the correct steps for washing your hair in detail. In order for washing your hair to be most effective

Step 1: Comb your hair thoroughly before washing.

It’s a step that hardly anyone does before washing their hair. But did you know that combing your hair before washing it? In addition to reducing the chance of hair tangling, it also reduces dirt. Dust that clings to the hair is reduced as well.

Step 2: Rinse your hair with clean water all over your head.

If you like to apply enough water to wet your hair, then apply shampoo. You should adjust your hair washing behavior. Because the correct way to wash your hair is to rinse your hair with water for about 1 minute first to wash away dirt. It also helps keep hair wet evenly. When applying shampoo, the shampoo can be distributed more evenly throughout the hair and scalp.

Step 3: Squeeze shampoo, lather, then gently apply to the scalp.

The correct way to wash your hair at this stage should be squeezing shampoo into your palm. Then lather or dissolve the shampoo well first, then apply the shampoo on the hair and scalp. If you squeeze the shampoo directly onto the scalp When washing the hair, shampoo that is not completely dissolved may leave residue on the scalp. It causes problems like dandruff. The scalp can be inflamed.

Step 4: Apply conditioner only from the middle to ends of the hair.

The correct way to massage your hair is to apply conditioner only from the middle to the ends of the hair. No need to apply conditioner to the scalp. In addition to not helping to make the hair softer It also increases oil in the scalp area. It also caused a problem with oily hair. 

To make the hair soft, smooth and look more healthy. To wash your hair to make it soft, you should use hair conditioner for a period of time according to the instructions on the package. In order for the efficiency of the hair conditioner to work to its maximum.

Step 5: Pay attention to washing your hair thoroughly.

Because washing your hair is a way to wash away dirt and oil from your hair and scalp. Therefore, washing out the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly is important. If shampoo and conditioner remain on the scalp, it is like not cleaning the hair and scalp. It may also cause dandruff. or scalp inflammation My hair is falling out as well.

Step 6: Dampen hair with a dry towel.

After washing your hair, the hair and scalp should be completely dry. To prevent dirt from clinging to your hair after washing your hair while it’s wet. and causes the problem of a damp scalp But using a hair dryer alone can expose your hair and scalp to hot air for a long time. Can make hair dry and damaged. Using a towel to absorb water from hair as much as possible. It will dry your hair quickly when using a hair dryer. Reduce the time the heat takes to hit the hair. ยูฟ่าเบท

Step 7: Dry your hair with a hair dryer.

After washing your hair, it is necessary to make the hair and scalp completely dry first. To reduce the problem of damp scalp It causes problems like stinky head because it is an ideal condition for bacteria to grow.

Step 8 When hair is completely dry. Comb your hair neatly.

When the hair is completely dry You can comb your hair to keep it from getting tangled. and style your hair as desired It is another final episode for How to wash your hair without dandruff. Because if our hair is completely dry, it doesn’t leave moisture behind. Wetness can cause the scalp to peel and cause dandruff.