Principles of the diet “Less Carb VS High Protein”

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Nowadays, people prefer to lose weight in Low Carb way by choosing to practice by themselves. Really, what is Low Carb? Can it really be done by yourself? Are there advantages or disadvantages to losing weight this way? 

carbohydrate foods It is a nutrient that affects the levels of many hormones, including insulin (Insulin), Glucagon (Glucagon) and Ghrelin (Ghrelin), which commands the body to use fat to burn fat. It also causes feelings of hunger, craving and fullness, but there are many types of carbohydrates. The group of carbohydrates called Refined Carbohydrate is sugar and white flour. After eating, blood sugar rises and falls sharply. making you hungry more often than usual No matter how much you eat, you won’t be full. 

if looking back In the old days people consumed a lot of animal fats. But not so fat. what makes people fatter It is because when agriculture and industry flourish More processed carbohydrate foods More and more people are consuming sugar. The rice has been peeled off. then mill into flour Cane sugars or plant syrups are full of fructose. These foods are processed into refined sugars that are easy to digest when eaten. Rapidly affects blood sugar levels. effect on hormones Abnormal accumulation of fat 

Nowadays, people consume a lot of sugar. The hormonal level changes, causing the craving for sugar. want to eat more food Eating sugar will cause your blood sugar to rise rapidly. The hormone insulin is secreted to adjust blood sugar levels. When the amount of insulin hormone is high, blood sugar is depressed to be lower than normal. We will feel hungry, have no energy, and when we feel like that. will want to eat snacks and find snacks to eat

Weight loss through the “Low Carbohydrate Diet” 

Because our body uses energy mainly from carbohydrates. Restricting carbohydrates leaves your body with less sugar to burn for energy. The body will break down fat to be used as energy instead. The accumulated fat is broken down a lot. make weight loss More ketones are created. Blood ketones suppress appetite. Makes you feel less hungry and eat less. As a result, weight loss is promoted. 

But those who implement it themselves must be careful. due to abstaining from carbohydrate foods for a long time It will affect the mineral salt level in the blood. When the electrolyte balance is disturbed, it can cause nausea and headaches. Those who lose weight through this method should take appropriate vitamins and minerals. Using this diet to lose weight in the long run should consult a medical professional. to achieve effective and safe weight loss

new weight loss options eat unlimited Also known as High Protein Diet, what is it, how to do it, what are its advantages? 

The “High Protein Diet” weight loss started with the Atkins Diet formula. Dr. Robert C. Atkins Dr. Atkins graduated from Cornell University in 1955 as a cardiologist. It was a career that led Dr. Atkins to focus on nutrition. Because heart disease kills Hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. And the best solution to the problem is the use of nutritional therapy.  ufabet

The big problem for Americans is obesity, and this disease is the leading cause of American deaths from cardiovascular disease. In addition to heart disease Obesity also causes many diseases, including diabetes , high blood pressure, and gout. 

Atkins’ principle is to find a way to keep your body’s insulin low. 

This is because the body releases insulin when the blood sugar level is high. It’s because of the function of insulin. Is to accelerate the mechanism of pulling sugar from the blood into the cells Helps to break down sugar into energy. The body releases insulin when glucose from food is absorbed into the bloodstream. And glucose enters the body only when the body receives starchy or sugary foods. Or get enough carbohydrates 

Thus was born a high protein diet (High Protein Diet) by refraining from eating carbohydrates (Low Carbohydrate Diet) focusing on eating protein.

 This is because protein has no effect on blood sugar levels. It also helps to strengthen muscles. increase metabolism The more protein you eat. The more you increase your metabolism. without carbohydrates Sugar levels in the body are reduce. The body responds by breaking down fatty acids from adipose tissue to burn them for energy instead of glucose. to allow the body to use fat as an energy source instead Weight can be reduced by breaking down fat. Without dieting on the contrary The more protein you eat, the more weight you will lose. 

But eating such foods on your own can have negative consequences. Because it affects the mineral and electrolyte levels of the body in people with underlying diseases. especially kidney disease Should consult a medical professional before taking it. Because during the weight loss method it is necessary to supplement with vitamins. and minerals in the right amount To achieve good results and be safe for weight loss.