How is cancer different from tumor?

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Some people may still be wondering what the difference is between having cancer and having a tumor. Now let’s talk about the differences between the two symptoms clearly. Cancer is different from a tumor in that cancerous lumps or wounds spread into nearby organs more quickly. into the remaining lymph nodes spread into blood vessels enter the bloodstream. As well as lymphatic vessels continuing to various organs all over the body. It often spreads to the lungs, liver, brain, bones, and bone marrow. Therefore, cancer can be seen as a chronic, severe disease that requires complex and continuous treatment.UFABET 

Tumors or tumor diseases, which include the presence of abnormal lumps. It is different from a cancerous tumor in that it grows slowly. Does not spread into tissues or nearby organs It does not spread into the lymph nodes. Does not spread through the bloodstream. As well as the lymphatic flow, therefore, tumors can be cured by surgery.
This time, knowing the origin. Let’s see what types of eating will help us stay away. Or have a lower risk of getting cancer.

Can cancer be cured or not?

Don’t worry just yet. For anyone who has ever heard that cancer is a disease that cannot be cured. or is a disease that is difficult to cure. Because as far as information about cancer has been researched. It has been found that this disease is a disease that can be cured. But all this The chance of cure depends on the following factors.

  • Stage of disease
  • Cell type
  • Method of treatment: Can surgery be performed? If surgery is possible, will the entire tumor be removed?
  • Types of cancer found in patients It is a type that is resistant to radiotherapy. and/or chemotherapy And/or does the drug used to treat the target or not?
  • Age range
  • patient health